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With Luunies Natural your baby’s delicate skin is protected up to 12 Hours with 100% leak-proof barriers and extra soft barrier cuffs for such a precious uninterrupted sleep.

Luunies Natural is such a special diaper, designed with specifically chosen organic based materials for a comfy, dry and healthy skin for your baby. And most parts of the diaper is biodegradable itself.

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Our Products

We prioritize the happiness and comfort of every baby. That’s why we meticulously select raw materials known for their purity and softness for all our baby products. Our commitment to quality ensures that your little one receives the gentle care they deserve, providing both comfort and peace of mind for you as a parent.

Baby Essentials: Diapers

Keep your little one cozy and dry with our premium diapers, expertly crafted for unbeatable absorbency and leak protection. Our commitment to quality means you can trust our diapers to provide maximum comfort and dryness, allowing your baby to stay happy and content throughout the day.

Baby Diaper Pants: Easy Wear, Happy Baby

Experience the perfect blend of convenience and comfort with our assortment of baby diaper pants. Engineered with effortless wearability in mind, our designs ensure your baby stays snug and secure all day long. Embrace hassle-free diaper changes and rest easy knowing your little one is kept comfortable and content.

Gentle Cleaning with Baby Wipes

Care for your baby’s delicate skin with our gentle and hypoallergenic baby wipes, meticulously crafted for quick clean-ups and everyday messes. Designed with utmost sensitivity in mind, our wipes offer a soothing touch while effectively cleansing and refreshing your little one’s skin, ensuring comfort and cleanliness with every use.

Our Technology

The core part has been designed and produced with “Natural Touch Technology” found only in Luunies.

The exclusive “Natural Touch Technology” significantly increases the performance of the baby’s diaper and helps prevent leakage and the formation of lumps. Rash is basically reduced up to zero by this exclusive technology to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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